Stop recurring ringworm

How to stop recurring or chronic ringworm

Ringworm can usually be cured quite easily, but recurrence is rather common. Repeated (chronic) ringworm infections reappear in approximately one person in five.

If you are prone to recurring ringworm infections, there are several options available to prevent further infections.


A healthy and balanced diet plan that includes healthy protein, complex carbohydrates, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables is very important to maintain a good immune system and will help to stop recurring ringworm. The medications you apply to the outer layer of the body will only be a long tem solution if you’re also providing the inside of your body with the correct nutrition.

Cut out sugar from your diet

Sugar can actually feed the Yeast and fungus that lives on your skin. So, by cutting out sugar you can deny the fungal infection at least some of the material that it needs to survive.


Tinactin Athletes Foot Powder SprayWhen taking over the counter ringworm medications it is essential to always follow the recommended dosage and length of use. The ringworm symptoms may disappear after using the medication for a while, but the infection may still be on the skin, just waiting to reappear. Use the medication for at least 2 weeks after the visible symptoms of the infection have cleared.

Apply antifungal cream, spray or powder beyond the edge or border of the rash, this will ensure that any outlying fungus is also treated.

If symptoms do not start to improve after 2 weeks, call your health care provider.

Check Your Pets

Many people think that it is only cats and dogs that can pass the ringworm infection on to humans, in reality the infection can also be caught from birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, cattle and many more animals.

If you are continually getting re-infected with ringworm, you could be contracting it from a pet. Take the animal to a vet to have it checked for any type of fungal infections.


Your Environment.

Sharing a dwelling with other people can result in the infection being passed back and forth between the occupants.  The actual fungus infection is typically spread by direct skin contact but it can also live on objects like towels, bedding, clothing, shoes, hair brushes, combs and also bathroom surfaces.

Children are particularly susceptible to the infection and often catch it at school, then unwittingly infect other members of the household.

To avoid passing the infection on to others or re-infecting yourself there are some basic steps that you can follow to stop recurring ringworm infections;

Make sure the infected person has their own set of towels, flannels and hair products such as brushes and combs.

Before showering or bathing, cover the bathroom floor with a towel to avoid spreading the fungus to the floor. Ensure the towel is washed immediately after use.

Do not share clothing or shoes with anyone. Fungus can live on clothes and thrives in the dark moist environment of shoes.  Using an antifungal spray or powder on shoes before putting them on and after taking them off will reduce the risk of an athlete’s foot infection or re-infection.

Wear light, loose clothing that breathes. Tight clothing can rub and chafe the skin, trap moisture and greatly exasperate the condition.

Spray all clothing, bedding and towels with an antifungal treatment and leave for an hour for the treatment to kill the fungus before washing them.

If changing bedding every day is not an option, spray the bedding with an antifungal agent an hour before getting into bed.

Don’t walk around with bare feet, wear slippers, socks or flip flops when in home to avoid spreading the fungus to the carpet and then back to your feet or others feet.

Change your socks and underwear on a regular basis. Treat the worn garments with an antifungal spray before washing them and spray the clean garments before wearing them.

Use an antifungal shower gel or soap to disinfect the whole body. Head and shoulders shampoo has antifungal properties and can also be used as a body wash.

After bathing, Pat dry the infected area with a separate towel to avoid spreading the fungus to other parts of the body. Spray the towel with an antifungal agent immediately after use and leave for an hour before washing it.

The moist variety of athlete’s foot can be helped by soaking your feet in Domeboro. The solution (available here) will help to dry the skin out and deny the fungus of its natural breeding ground.

Fungus thrives on sweaty skin. Shower immediately after any physical exercise to avoid sweat build up. Dry yourself completely and use an antifungal powder.

Gyms and pools are the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Wear plastic shower shoes to prevent the fungus from coming into contact with your feet. Make sure the shoes are kept clean and coated with an antifungal powder or spray before and after wearing them.

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